Sashimi? For breakfast??

Caution: Consuming raw or undercooked stories, poems, dreams, lists or rants may increase your risk of wordborne illness.

This blog is my challenge to myself to exercise my writing muscles every day, even when I’m between major projects. What you’ll find here is, yes, raw: the innermost scrapings of the cave inside my head. Read, love, and/or hate it at your own risk.


9 thoughts on “Sashimi? For breakfast??

      • Sure do! And congratulations as well!
        On another note, i was wondering why you haven’t left some tips for me on my stories. I guess you have been keeping busy this while, do step by when you’re free and check them. I tried presenting the scene through the characters rather than my own view as you’d suggested. So that was also one reason I wanted to thank you, since you’ve helped improve my writing skills a lot!
        Thanks a lot!

      • I’m so glad my comments have been helpful! I’ve been on vacation this week, and spent the week prior doing double the work at my job to make up for it, so my apologies for falling behind. I’ll take a look soon!

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