Cassidy finally works up the courage to ask Kite Riddikin to junior prom, only to have him try to kill her. Talk about rejection!

But soon, not having a date to the prom will be the least of Cass’s worries. First, all the food in her fridge spoils. Then, the brand-new deck at her family’s Vermont lakehouse mysteriously rots and collapses. And in between all the spooky omens, Cass swears some kind of monster has been following her.

Then Cass meets Charlie, a ginger in a down coat (in July!?) who makes fire with his fingertips. Okay so, the fire thing is weird, but Charlie knows all about the monster. He calls it a boggart and says it came from Kite. He swears he won’t let it hurt Cass.

Can Cass trust Charlie to help her defeat the boggart, or is this fire-flinging redhead more than he claims to be?