In 36 hours, I’ll be hitting the road for a 6-week Eastern US road trip! My goal is to Onewheel with as many people in as many places as possible and see parts of the country I’ve never experienced. I’ll be producing lots of content along the way, so make sure you’re socialing the medias with me:

Instagram: @1woman1wheel
YouTube: @1woman1wheel
Facebook: @amandasaurusrex (you can follow my public posts, but I may not friend you if we haven’t met – nothing personal!)

Photo credit: Schuyler Ortega

All blog posts and videos will appear on my SHINY NEW website (alongside a feed from your beloved Fauxhasset Paroder)(I finally caved and bought a real domain). You can sign up for email notifications if you want to keep up with the latest content from my journey. The site also has links to rad t-shirts you can buy to help support my travels (my own designs, brought to life by my girl Christine at InMemoryDecal). Hoping to get more swag up there soon, as well as a Kofi link so you can all help keep me caffeinated during those long stretches of highway, if you are so inclined.

OneLove V
OneLove shirt at

Please comment if there’s anything specific you’d like to read or watch as I make my way down the East Coast – I’m open to ideas and inspiration! If your comment was going to be that you want to read Fauxhasset Paroder articles even though I’m traveling, don’t worry – it’s on my to-do list 🙂


5 thoughts on “ROOOAAAAD TRIIIIIP!

      1. Amanda Crystal says:

        Ah yes, didn’t realize that was you and I deleted it, but I just re-sent you a request! Typically if I skim someone’s profile and they don’t have a) pics of onewheel or b) mutual friends in the onewheel community, I assume its spam 😛

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