Avocado manifesto


Behold this perfect avocado. There is no logic to its existence. By all rights, it should be firm and pale, soon to turn soft brown and feed the garbage disposal.

This avocado was on sale at the Big Y on January 8, as far from avocado season as it is possible to get. All the other avocados around it were hard enough to knock a person out cold. $1 seemed too much to spend on any of them.

But this one. This one defied all reason, all circumstance, and it is perfect.

Fellow avocados, let this avocado be a reminder that we can rise above our environment. We do not have to be hard just because those around us are hard. We need not lack boldness or character just because it is not our season; a bold spirit is always in season.

We have been called “fat” before, and we understand that “fat” is a dirty word. But we are here to show those people the light. We are nutrient-dense and goddamn good for you. And if we fail, well, our skin is thick, and we know that inside we are rich of color, texture, and flavor.

My fellow avocados, we are not past our prime. Though some may think we are “going down the drain,” nothing is inevitable. Do not wait until it is “your season.” The soil and sunlight are here. Grow! Nourish! Love from the bottom of that big, dark pit you call a heart.

Never forget: you can give your heart away, and still it grows.


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