“Let It Go” for Hipsters

the day is full of technicolor warmth

things are alive with color

people say this is the time of year that everything dies but i think it’s the opposite

things, as they near the end, burst forth in desperate brilliance

just when the world thought it was all over, the phoenix explodes into being

nothing is still. even the dead rustle about but they do not control where they go. they only have a say in what colors they will show before they go to ashes

what colors will you show? god forbid you hold onto the branch for 80 more years and never flush with the red of passion

the wind is god and it moves us all we can’t stop it but we can dance with it

a flock of birds blots out the sun but this too shall pass

they will dismiss themselves gradually if you let them, like lingering clouds

send them away

give the sun full sway

they are a shadow over your life, a distant racket distracting from the dance

snap a Polaroid and tuck it in your shoebox heart

it will remain a part of you no matter what

it’s there if you need it

but you don’t

so let it blow away


The exercise: go outside and look at the world as though you are insane. See every detail as a message exclusively for you. The result was this rambling, slightly emo example of what I like to call “prosetry” (that’s a portmanteau of “prose” and “poetry”). I think what I was trying to say was something along the lines of “Let It Go” for hipsters, but I can’t be sure. I had fun with this one, so if you’re looking for a good writing exercise, give it a try!


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